About Us

Arial Aromatic Co. is built upon the dreams and experience of founder, Gurpreet Malhi. Her passion for aromatherapy and meditation led her to road of trial & error of making candles at home. Fortuitously, this fueled her passion for candle-making and a seed of an idea was planted. Fast-forward to today, her candles have proved to find fulfillment in helping people with their own mindful and spiritual healing. Arial Aromatic Co. is her way of sharing some great smelling candles from her home to yours. 

Our candles are made for physical, mental, and spiritual self-care. Every product is made to improve the quality of the air around you, made with premium, cruelty-free formulas from ethically sourced ingredients. Not only do our products help with healing of the mind but are also a great addition to your home aesthetic.

We welcome you to Arial Aromatic Co. Let us heal your mind and soul with our balsamic and celestial products.