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Meditation Candles

Loved the candles. They sell quality products. Value for money. Candles smell amazing & better than the others I have used till far. Loved TOUGH LOVE !!! Fragrance. Definitely a go to place if you are a candle lover. Owner is very nice and humble. Helps you in choosing the kind of fragrance you are looking for in the candle. Simply loved it .


The candles smell amazing! Light it up for a bit and the smell stays for a longer time! Tried the rose water candles and they smell amazingggg! The smell stays on for days! You can tell that the candles are not cheap compared to the candles bought from the stores! Can’t wait to get my hands on more once I finish my latest batch!😍😍😍

J. Kandola

Great Quality Candles, definitely recommend!

K. Shergill